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NVG 270: SU-76 Assault Gun
NVG 270: SU-76 Assault Gun
Fokker C.5 vol,2 39.50EUR

The C.5 was constructed following the typical Fokker techniques; a welded steel tubular frame formed the base for the fuselage, to which the lower wing was bolted. The horizontal and vertical tailplanes were made from tubular frames as well. The top wing rested on cabane struts and N struts connected the wings with each other. The wings were made from wood, partly covered with ply. Linnen was applied over the entire wing. The thick cantilever wing did not need internal or external bracing and held a number of fuel tanks.
After a small number of planes had been delivered, a new set of tapering wings was released. These were called variants D and E. These variants were an outright success, with planes delivered to a large amount of foreign countries, as well as the Netherlands’ own air forces. Licenses were sold to a number of clients too. In March 1933, a final variant of the C.5E was released, called the C.5 “New generation”. It featured aerodynamic refinements and more powerful engines.
During a period of 11 years, Fokker built 187 machines, of which 68 were for foreign countries. Another 723 aircraft were built under license, although in some cases, figures are a bit sketchy.

Dutch language, 256 pages, captions in english

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