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AIR International (June 2018)
AIR International (June 2018)
AirForces Monthly (Jan 2017) 7.20EUR

Force Report - Royal Australian Air Force

Oregon Air National Guard

Base Watch
A snapshot of recent military visitors to air bases around the UK and abroad.

European Air Force Transport Survey
In the concluding part of this series, AirForces Monthly's Alan Warnes examines the Royal Air Force’s military transport fleet and details Turkey’s current airlift capabilities.

Force Report Royal Australian Air Force
Nigel Pittaway takes a detailed look at the RAAF order of battle, and highlights the service’s re-equipment programme that’s transforming it into a ‘fifth-generation’ air arm.

AFM’s Dave Allport reports on the world’s latest military accidents.

AFM’s view on military aviation.

One Step Ahead
Joe Copalman recently spoke to Col Jim Wellons, the Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron’s new commanding officer, about how the service continues to revise tactics to meet ever-changing high-end threats.

'Kuzya' Goes to War
Alexander Mladenov outlines the operational deployment of Russia’s Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier and her potent air wing off Syria.

Farewell to the USAF’s Phantoms
On the eve of the charismatic USAF QF-4 Phantom’s retirement, Joe Copalman reports on the jet’s recent farewell tour of US facilities.

Why Mistral Matters
A trio of Landing Helicopter Dock ships help to project French air power, and support ground forces. Henri-Pierre Grolleau charts the war role of these important assets and their air wings.

China Shows Off
AFM’s Alan Warnes analyses the recent Air Show China 2016, and reports on the Chengdu J-20’s public debut.

Band of Brothers
Members of the Oregon Air National Guard are proud of the unit’s past, and have celebrated a major milestone in its history by applying special markings to one of their F-15Cs.

Uneasy Allies
Nate Leong looks back at the groundbreaking Red Flag 2016, which brought together Israeli, UAE and Pakistani F-16s over Nevada.

Last of the Bo-hicans!
Kees van der Mark pays tribute to the German Army Bo-105 helicopter.

Iranian insight
Iran’s recent Kish Air Show offered the rare chance to see IRIAF fighters up close.

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