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Aeroplane Monthly (May 2018)
Aeroplane Monthly (May 2018)
The Avro 748 - The Full Story of the 748, Andover & ATP 65.00EUR

This publication is a very much updated version of the original 'British Aerospace 748' published in 1986. It has now been expanded to include the ultimate twin turboprop airliner from the Chadderton/Woodford stable, the British Aerospace Advanced Turboprop or ATP. In the twenty-nine years since the original book was published there have been many additional operators throughout the world although today, numbers in use are fast depleting as newer more economic types have come onto the market. The use of HS 748s and Hindustan Aeronautics 748s is now confined to Canada, East Africa, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Thailand, mainly in the freight role, while only a single Andover C.Mk.1 is believed to remain operational, flying in Kenya and South Sudan.

The BAe ATP sold in relatively small numbers and most have been converted to pure freighters with only NextJet in Sweden operating passenger versions. Examples of converted pure freight versions are operated throughout Europe and to North Africa by West Atlantic Airlines, and two more are operating in Indonesia.

This book describes the development history of each type including the Hindustan Aeronautics 748, providing performance and dimensional data and highly detailed individual histories of all the aircraft built. Details of every operator of each type throughout the years and the utilizations of each aircraft are also recorded together with detailed line drawings (including those of several little-known projected versions) and a comprehensive collection of photographs. A welcome additional feature is a fully-searchable CD that is included with the book and includes the histories of each aircraft in linear format and full operator histories.

304 pages plus over 300 photographs & drawings.

Tuote on lisätty luetteloomme maanantaina, 10. huhtikuuta, 2017.
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