Airbus A300: 50 Years

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The Airbus A300 is a twin-engine wide-body airliner which made its maiden flight on October 28, 1972. Various versions were developed as airliners, freighters, and military air refuelling tanker aircraft, not least the shorter A310 Family. Some of the world’s best-known airlines operated the A300, most notably Air France and Lufthansa, American Airlines, China Airlines, Emirates and Korean Air.

And in addition to its worldwide appeal as an airliner, the A310 Multi-Role Tanker Aircraft operated with the German Luftwaffe and the Royal Canadian Air Force. Airbus built 561 A300 Family aircraft between 1974 and 2007, a testament to its long-term appeal as the aircraft that launched Airbus. Whatever your interest in aviation, A300: Airbus' First Jet provides detailed insight into one of the world’s iconic aircraft.

114 pages

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