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The desire for airliners that could fly faster and higher than all that had gone before them was ingrained into the commercial aviation world from the end of World War Two. As early as 1954, with the Comet programme already floundering, talks began in Britain regarding the feasibility of a Supersonic Transport (SST), which resulted, in October 1956, in the formation of the Supersonic Transport Advisory Committee. Six years later, the result of an incredible working partnership between the British and the French saw the first prototype take off from Toulouse on 2 March 1969: Concorde had arrived.

With over 70 aircraft already on order, Concorde was set to be a commercial success, but as the price of oil began to rise and with running costs being considerably higher than anticipated, all except the British Overseas Aircraft Corporation and Air France fell by the wayside. In the end, just 20 aircraft were built, and just seven aircraft apiece were destined to be operated by British Airways and Air France. However, setting aside the economics, Concorde was an incredible achievement from the outset. It was built by two different nations that overcame innumerable technical problems to produce, by far, the most iconic airliner ever built. With photographs showing the creation, construction and career of Concorde, this new book edition of Aeroplane Classic Airliner: Concorde details the highs and lows of this supersonic transport as it cemented its place in aviation history.

Please note: This is a new book edition of Aeroplane Classic Airliner: Concorde

96 pages

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