Flying Helicopters

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This comprehensive book is aimed at all those who are undertaking the helicopter Private Pilot's Licence course, those who have qualified recently, and those who are planning to learn to fly helicopters in the future. The book follows the PPL(H) syllabus as it is taught, and provides a detailed account of each flying exercise. The student is able to read about a lesson in advance before attempting it with an instructor. However, the book does not aim to be a technical manual and it is designed to be used in conjunction with a helicopter textbook and instructor's briefings.

Topics discussed include:

  • Why is hovering so difficult?
  • Why does one spend such a long time learning to fly accurately?
  • What are the reasons for going solo fairly early in the course?
  • Why are emergencies practised so extensively?
  • Why are students taught how to fly on instruments and then advised not to do so?
  • Why, at some stages, can learning to fly helicopters be difficult, demoralizing, and even frightening, as well as enjoyable?
  • 142 pages, 66 colour photographs

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