The A-Z of Microlighting

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This book encompasses everything that the student pilot and the experienced flyer need to know about microight flight. 
The first part of the book contains an alphabetical glossary on the theory of microlight flying that will be a great help for those needing to bridge the 'jargon gap' of flying theory. The second and third parts of the book concentrate on the practical side of learning to fly a microlight: one section on 3-axis aircraft and the other on weight-shift aircraft. Exercises 1 through to 18 are explained in a simple and plain manner, following the microlight training syllabus, letting you know what to expect in your microlight training course. The fourth part of the book looks at common problems encountered in microlight training, and gives sample theory exam questions.
Illustrated with many explanatory drawings in full colour, the A-Z of Microlighting is a must for every student pilot and the seasoned microlight flyer.. 144 pages.

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