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Airliner World (June 2018)
Airliner World (June 2018)
Tulossa: Embleme der Luftwaffe 69.00EUR

In cooperation with Peter Petrick and Gerhard Stemmer, we have begun work on the most comprehensive work yet about the emblems of the Luftwaffe’s flying units. The research for this project has taken almost twenty years. Each volume will contain several hundred black-and-white and colour photos, most of them never before published, side views and detailed information about the various units. In addition, the emblems will be illustrated by means of large drawings. The volumes in this series will also contain unit emblems that have never before appeared in a published work or which have not been linked to a particular unit, as well as emblem variants. The series will therefore be a unique reference work, not only for the modeler, but also for those with an historical interest, which will essentially close the book on the subject of emblems.

Volume 1 will deal with Tactical and Strategic Reconnaissance and Weather Reconnaissance Staffeln. Based on current planning, the book will have approximately 320 pages, 412 photos and 214 coloured drawings.

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