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Tulossa: The Hawker Tempest
Tulossa: The Hawker Tempest
AirForces Monthly (March 2018) 7.50EUR

Kuwait Aviation Show 2018
For the first time in its history, Kuwait hosted an airshow as part of the country’s ambitious goal to become a major player in the Middle East aviation industry. Stefan Goossens and Arnold ten Pas were there.

Weathering the storm
The Hellenic Air Force looks to be emerging from troubled times. Marcus Vallianos provides a timely overview of its current procurement plans and programmes.

Brand new heavy
The A400M Atlas C1 has quietly entered service with the Royal Air Force and gained significant praise from its users, plus it’s notched up its first operational deployment. Jamie Hunter visits RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, to see the Atlas at first hand and talks exclusively with Officer Commanding No LXX Squadron.

Coming home
Tactical Air Force Wing 51 ‘Immelmann’ in northern Germany has taken over the training of future Luftwaffe Tornado crews after disbandment of the German Air Force Flying Training Center in New Mexico, as Dr Stefan Petersen found out.

‘Romeo’ rising
The entire Royal Danish Air Force helicopter fleet is stationed at Flyvestation Karup in Jutland. As the Lynx makes way for the MH-60R, Ted Carlson reviews the status of Helicopter Wing Karup.

Roughing it in the Alps
Just one Swiss Air Force squadron flies the rugged Pilatus PC-6, and it puts its militia pilots to the test with demanding rough-field operations. Peter Lewis finds out what makes Air Transport Squadron 7 a unique unit within the Swiss armed forces.

Lynx takes leave
Following almost four decades of service, the British Army finally decommissioned the Lynx helicopter in January. Thomas Newdick was at RAF Odiham for the official send-off.

Egyptian VIP jets visit Europe
A series of Egyptian Air Force training flights into Prague’s Václav Havel Airport provided a chance to see some VIP aircraft only rarely encountered in Europe, as Václav Kudela reports.

The Prowler and beyond
As the electronic warfare and air defence capabilities of potential near-peer adversaries evolve and expand, the US Marine Corps is upgrading its EW systems and doctrine to meet the threats.

Last of the Snails
After 24 years of service in Portuguese Air Force colours, the Alpha Jet disappeared forever from the skies of Portugal at the end of January. Stefan Degraef assesses the type’s final years.

Twenty years of the Fightinghawk
Argentina took delivery of its first Fightinghawks 20 years ago in December. Esteban G Brea reviews the fighter-bomber’s service with the Argentine Air Force, which has included its fair share of setbacks.

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