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The French Air Force in the First World War
The French Air Force in the First World War
FlyPast (May 2018) 7.50EUR

The bumper, 132-page May issue of FlyPast features a distinctively painted Spitfire on its cover. Wearing the colours of the RAF in South East Asia, this aircraft currently flies in New Zealand. This month’s FlyPast features a special section focusing on the air war in the Far East and South Pacific, both during World War Two and beyond. This includes an examination of Japanese actions after Pearl Harbor, and some aircrew memories of the RAF flying Hunters during the Indonesian Confrontation.

Beasts to the East

The well-armed Messerschmitt Bf 110 took a heavy toll on Russian opposition in the early years of Operation Barbarossa. Mikhail Timin explains.

One of a kind

A two-seat Hispano Buchón is flying in the UK. Chris Gilson visits Air Leasing, the operator of this former film star.

Typhoon to fly

No Hawker Typhoon has flown since 1947. Steve Beebee visits a charity that’s aiming to restore and fly a survivor.

De Havilland history

Ken Ellis takes us on a journey back in time, reflecting on the history of de Havilland – of both its triumphs and tragedies.

Brooklands Museum

A visit to the superb Surrey-based museum, with a look at its latest exhibition.

We also present an account of the use of RAF Thunderbolts in Burma during World War Two and describe how 43 Squadron achieved a new flying record – using the Phantom now preserved as ‘Black Mike’. Elsewhere, Karl Smári Hreinsson and Shona Fergus explore the circumstances behind the crash of a Coastal Command Wellington in Iceland, and we bring you news of a Hawker Hurricane that’s moving home in the UK.

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