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Weapon 67: Sniping Rifles on the Eastern Front 1939–45
Weapon 67: Sniping Rifles on the Eastern Front 1939–45
Airfix Model World (August 2018) 7.20EUR

Intermediate Build – Stalin’s Little Donkey
Jen Wright builds ICM’s new 1/32 Polikarpov I-16 Type 24 almost straight from the box … and finds it a rewarding experience.

Intermediate Build – Colin’s Legacy
Hasegawa’s 1/24 Subaru Legacy RS forms an ideal tribute to the late Colin McRae in Ian Granger’s auto-modelling feature.

Out and About – Home of Heroes
Assistant Editor Stu Fone visits Tangmere Sector Modellers’ inaugural show.

Intermediate Build – Radiant Lion Cub
Chris Jones discovers the delights of AMK’s new 1/72 IAI Kfir C2/C7.

Out and About – Florida Flight Collection
Dave Oliver gets up close and personal with classic carrier aircraft types, and more, at the USA’s National Naval Aviation Museum.

Out and About – Out of This World
Stu Fone discovers a rich vein of space modelling and much more at East Midland Modellers’ show, in Hinckley.

In Focus – Dark Falcon Takes Off
Aviation photographer Graham Platt provides a superb photo-study of the Belgian Air Force’s 2018-21 F-16 display aircraft, flown by Snr Capt Stefan ‘Vador’ Darte.

Intermediate Build – Steel General
Sixteen-year-old Joe Turner makes the most of Takom’s new 1/35 M3 Grant in his convincing out-of-the-box project.

Intermediate Build – Lightning Strikes Twice
Jennifer Wright embellishes Airfix’s recently re-released 1/72 Lightning F.6, with aftermarket from Barracuda Studios.

Intermediate Build – Transatlantic Luxury
Andy Davies departs from his usual warships to portray the majestic Queen Mary 2 liner, via Revell’s 1/1200 kit. Just don’t mention sun loungers!

In Focus – Monarchic Genesis
Renowned maritime engineer Dr Stephen Payne recounts how his childhood aspiration became reality, culminating in the Queen Mary 2.

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