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AirForces Monthly (April 2019)
AirForces Monthly (April 2019)
Airfix Model World (September 2018) 7.20EUR

Intermediate Build – Rugged Raider
Revell’s 1/48 Beaufighter TF Mk.X test-shot gets a thorough examination from Chris Jones, who finds much to enjoy.

Advanced Build – Silver Machine
Gary Tobiss gets to grips with new firm Southern Cross Miniatures’ stunning 1/20 Mercedes-Benz W125 race car.

Intermediate Build – Immortal Trainer
Having previously built an original Airfix Vampire T.11 test-shot, Alan Price adds aftermarket accessories to the re-released kit for his Swedish J 28 C.

In Focus – Svenska Schoolhouse
Jan Forsgren describes how the Swedish Air Force operated the Vampire trainer between 1952 and 1968.

Out and About – Wyvern Wonders
Malcom V Lowe visited the IPMS Salisbury show and found much to impress.

Advanced Build – Fire God
Take one Airfix 1/72 Vulcan, add a multitude of aftermarket accessories and markings, and follow Jan Forsgren’s busy construction recipe!

In Focus – Fallon Vipers
Combat Aircraft Monthly Editor Jamie Hunter provides a stunning montage of a US Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center F-16B Fighting Falcon.

Intermediate Build – Five into Two
Massimo Santarossa adds scratch-built improvements and extra detail to Revell’s 1/48 Lockheed Ventura.

In Focus – Canada’s Flying Pigs
The history of the Royal Canadian Air Force’s Lockheed Venturas is covered in depth by Terry Higgins and Carl Vincent, with bonus pull-out 1/72 scale drawings of the B.II and B.IIa variants.

Out and About – US Soft-skins, Soviets and Smoke
Glenn Sands finds much modelling inspiration at this year’s Overlord Show.

Intermediate Build – Maritime Mountain
Hasegawa’s reputation for quality maritime kits is put to the test by Andy Davies, with its limited-edition 1/700 IJN Furutaka.

In Focus – Cold War Spy Station
The abortive story of the US Air Force’s Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL) is told by former NASA scientist David Baker.

Intermediate Build – Space Detective
Andy Davies gets a taste for Cold War Intrigue with Fantastic Plastic’s 1/48 MOL, adding extra detail to this resin kit.

Advanced Build – Urban Combat
Spanish modeller Juanjo Dominguez Calvo upgrades Flyhawk’s newly tooled 1/72 M1A2 Abrams into a TUSK-configured machine, with stunning scratchbuilt additions.

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