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D-Day in the Air
D-Day in the Air
Modern Israeli Air Power

Israel remains the cornerstone of Middle East conflicts and tensions, and the spearhead of Israeli military might remain the Air Corps (Kheil Ha'Avir) of the Israeli Defense Forces. Renowned for its continuous efforts to maintain dominance in every dimension of air warfare, improve its capabilities, and outsmart its opponents, the Israeli Air Force has recently been moving away from preparations for interstate wars towards improving its potential to wage asymmetric conflicts, counterinsurgency campaigns and special operations. It has become smaller and leaner, but also much more efficient, and is foremost a force with much improved quick-reaction capabilities.

Nowadays the IAF employs cutting-edge domestic and imported technology for gathering intelligence, in its command and communication systems, and in its flying units, with the aim of obtaining real-time targeting information, making it prepared for every eventuality, no matter when or where.

This book provides a compact yet comprehensive, up-to-date, and in-depth analysis and directory of modern Israeli air power, detailing flying units and relevant infrastructure, its aircraft and the armament they use.

Using text and superb illustrations, the title covers every flying unit and every base, every aircraft type flown and every weapons system, offering a unique insight into what Israel considers its 'best defense'.

256 pages with 291 colour pictures, 1 map and 50 colour drawings 


Tuote on lisätty luetteloomme sunnuntaina, 21. heinäkuuta, 2013.
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