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Airliner World Magazine (October 2021)
Airliner World Magazine (October 2021)
Bristol Blenheim- A Detailed Guide to The RAF’s First M

Airframe Album No 5. Our fifth title in the Airframe Album series will provide more variety in subject matter compared to our previous four titles in the series and is perfectly timed for the new tool 1/72 Airfix kit releases and recent re-release of the 1/48 Classic Airframes kit. 128 pages.

    •    Period diagrams
    •    Data from flight manuals
    •    Data from spare parts catalogues
    •    Walkaround images of preserved examples
    •    Fully detailed 3D isometric views of prototype and production machines
    •    Full colour profiles and concise camouflage and marking notes

Contents will include all the elements listed plus:

    •    A wealth of historical photographs
    •    Walkaround detail pictures of the example restored at Duxford
    •    Detailed study of the structure, equipment and armament used
    •    Isometric views by Wojciech Sankowski of all prototype and production airframes
    •    Colour profiles and camouflage detail by Richard J. Caruana
    •    At least 84 pages in total
    •    Lists of all Blenheim kits, accessories and decals produced in all scales


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