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CAM 367: Finnish-Soviet Winter War 1939–40
CAM 367: Finnish-Soviet Winter War 1939–40
The Dornier Do 17Z Technical Guide

The Dornier Do 17Z Technical Guide by Richard A Franks, will cover a Luftwaffe type of great interest to scale model enthusiasts. Whether they are tackling the new tool Airfix kit kit, grappling with the old Revell offering in 1/72 scale or hanging on for ICM’s new kit in 1/48 scale our second Airframe Detail title will be essential reading for them.
Publication is scheduled for mid-March. Size will be A4, 84 pages plus covers, perfect bound.

Scale modellers have never had it so good. Right now all manner of historic aircraft types can be built in the popular scales. However for the serious modeller and enthusiast references can be scarce or hard to find for many of these interesting types.
Valiant Wings’ new Airframe Detail addresses this, providing a one-stop reference guide for anyone wishing to model certain aircraft.
Do 17Z title contains:
    •    A wealth of historical photographs
    •    Walkaround detail period pictures
    •    A mass of period diagrams from original flight manuals
    •    Detailed study of structure, equipment and armament
    •    Colour profiles and camouflage and marking detail by Richard J Caruana
    •    Lists of all kits, accessories and decals produced in all scales
    •    84 pages in volume in A4 format


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