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Tulossa: Leija Eddy Biplane
Tulossa: Leija Eddy Biplane
Tupolev Tu-2: The Forgotten Medium Bomber

  • The first comprehensive reference work on the Tupolev Tu-2 written by a native English speaker
  • The Tupolev Tu-2’s place in military and aviation history is explored in great detail
  • Stunningly accurate colour profiles and many previously unpublished photographs

Although one of the best medium bombers of the Second World War – fast, tough and with an excellent bomb load – the Tu-2 is little known in the West. Tu-2: The Forgotten Medium Bomber provides a comprehensive history of this important aeroplane, complete with its developmental history in the war and its post-war history with the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact countries.

First produced in 1942, the Tu-2’s initial production ended in the same year, then as its combat capabilities became clear, it was reinstated into production. Because of the stop in production, the Tu-2 was not used in large numbers until the last year of the war where it proved to be extremely useful. With the end of hostilities, the Tu-2 continued to be developed into additional variants, including an all-weather fighter. In addition to its service in the war, it saw action in the Korean War with the Chinese Air Force.

This essential book also features stunning colour profiles of the Tu-2 with its wartime and post-war service with the Red Air Force and other nations. Uniquely illustrated with over 125 images – many previously unpublished – and stunningly accurate colour profiles, this book is essential reading for Second World War historians, aviation enthusiasts and modellers alike. 192 pages, HB, 105 black-and-white and 29 colour photographs.

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