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Junkers Ju 87 B
Junkers Ju 87 B
The de Havilland Mosquito Part 2-Fighter, Fighter Bombe

The modelling map in relation to the Mosquito has changed dramatically over the past eighteen years and much more reference material is now available. The time is therefore right to bring out new titles that comprehensively bring modellers and enthusiasts up to date with the type. This second volume follows our first covering the bomber and photo-reconnaissance versions released in 2016.

This tenth book in our much-acclaimed series will contain at least 176 pages packed with vital information that no active modeller and Mosquito enthusiast should be without.

It will contain:

·      40+ pages of technical information

·      20+ pages of walk-around images and technical diagrams

·      5+ pages of camouflage and markings

·      25+ pages of model builds and modelling information

·      200+ photographs including wartime images

·      Colour side views and four-views by Richard J. Caruana

·      3D isometric views of all fighter, fighter-bomber, night fighter and Sea Mosquito variants by Wojciech Sankowski

·      Specially commissioned extensive full kit builds by Libor Jekl, Steve A. Evans and Dani Zamarbide of the 1/72nd scale Tamiya FB Mk VI, Hasegawa NF Mk II and FB Mk XVIII, 1/48th scale Tamiya FB Mk VI in BOAC markings and an Airfix FB Mk VI converted to a Nationalist Chinese Air Force FB Mk 26, plus the 1/32nd scale Tamiya FB Mk VI kits.


Tuote on lisätty luetteloomme keskiviikkona, 12. huhtikuuta, 2017.
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