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XPL 10: Northrop Flying Wings
XPL 10: Northrop Flying Wings
The Story of the McDonnell Douglas MD-11

After creating the successful but controversial DC-10 jetliner in the 1970s, McDonnell Douglas updated the type to create the MD-11 in the early 1990s. A lack of resources and time meant the MD-11 became much less (a sales flop with a questionable safety record) and much more: a unique three-engined machine in the twin-jet era that went on to have a long and interesting career both in passenger operations and freight hauling. This book shows the development of the aircraft with a detailed look at the history of Douglas, the path through the DC-10 to the MD-11, it’s troubled entry into service, and its second wind as a reliable cargo hauler. The text is accompanied by a detailed history of every airframe, from delivery to retirement. A fascinating chapter in the history of the Jet Age.

Pages 288 Size 24 x 23.5 x 1.5cm Binding Hardback 


Guy Van Herbruggen is an aviation historian and researcher based in Brussels. Together he and Charles wrote DC-8 & The Flying Tiger Line.


Charles Kennedy is a pilot and aviation journalist based in London, best known for regular features in Airliner World, Aviation News and Airways magazines.  

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