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AIR International (June 2018)
AIR International (June 2018)
AIR International (June 2018) 7.20EUR

As usual, there’s lots to read in this month’s issue of AIR International – nothing but back-to-back news stories and features from cover to cover. No other aviation magazine packs so much into 100 pages.

SUPER FEATURE this month’s main theme is the Airbus A380. How do airlines use the A380? How has the aircraft evolved since its debut a decade ago? What is its future? Assistant Editor Mark Broadbent takes an in-depth look at Europe’s super jumbo.

AIRSCENE, our monthly news section, covers Moscow’s Victory Day flypast, KC-46A delays, B-21 Raider progress, Turkish F-35, Nigerian Mi-35Ms, Danish EH101 redelivered, Ka-226T configuration finalised, MH-60R approved for Mexico, A330 production cut, Cathay Pacific A350-1000, American’s latest order; and the usual mix of the biggest commercial and military stories from around the world.

FEATURES this month include Russian Air and Space Force Frontal Aviation; Fencers, Flankers, Foxbats, Fulcrums and Fullbacks, Embraer’s E2, F-15C Eagle; air supremacy master, Turkish Coast Guard, UK’s Merlin HC4 transport helicopter and more.

Tuote on lisätty luetteloomme maanantaina, 11. kesäkuuta, 2018.
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