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Air Battles over the Baltic 1941
Air Battles over the Baltic 1941
Bulgarian Air Force in World War II. Germany's Forgotten Ally

Eduardo. M Gil Martinez

• 120 pages
• 100 photos
• 30 color profiles

The German Air Force (Luftwaffe) has been examined in a lot of works; much less well-known are the air forces of Germany´s allied countries like Hungary, Romania or Finland. But because of its lesser degree of participation the History of the Royal Bulgarian Air Force remains hardly known. Several works by Nedialkov, Neulen or Boshniakov have enlightened us with a good knowledge about the matter. In this work we have tried to create a text that would enable all readers to understand and learn the most important facts in the history of all branches of military aviation in Bulgaria since the 30s to the end of World War II. For this, it has been necessary to look for information in different sources, from the main ones to the lesser common ones, to try to complete the research and offer it in the most definite way but don´t trying to be exhaustive but as educational as possible. Finally we use this work to pay tribute to all the members of the Bulgarian Air Force who fought in World War, a war whose consequences marked the future of the next 45 years in the country’s history.

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