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Airliner World  (June 2021)
Airliner World (June 2021)
Airliner World (May 2021) 8.50EUR

In the May 2021 edition of Airliner World, we gain exclusive insight into Lufthansa’s longest-ever rotation to the Falkland Islands as the flag carrier delivered scientists bound for nearby Antarctica. We chat with key players involved in the pioneering project, discussing the rationale, logistics and operation of the flight itself.

For those more mechanically inclined, we have the perfect treat for you as we go behind the scenes with Lufthansa Technik on its recent maintenance check of the super rare NASA-DLR jointly owned Boeing 747SP (SOFIA). Keeping all things jumbo related, we take a fascinating look back at Qantas’ fifth engine flying on the 747 and examine the challenges it brought.

Elsewhere, following the dramatic engine failure of a United 777 in February, we spoke to the spotter who captured the nail-biting images above Denver. Meanwhile, reverting to more relaxing settings, we head to the stunning landscape of Bolivia and climb aboard the local carrier, Transporte Aéreo Militar, which in 2013 still fielded a plethora of rare types used on commercial service.

If that wasn’t enough, we conclude the second part of our look at carriers of the Soviet Bloc, venture to Hawaii to catch up on the latest developments in hybrid-powered aircraft and delve into the realm of next-generation inflight connectivity. Finally, in two separate interviews, we chat to the CEO of Lufthansa Technik and JetBlue’s president and COO.

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