ELI 210: World War II US Army Combat Equipments

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During World War II American soldiers, or 'GIs' as they were more commonly known, headed into Europe laden with the provisions needed to survive and function in hostile territory. As they marched towards Berlin it was the equipment that they had strapped to their body that they relied on most of all.
In this highly illustrated book Special Forces veteran Gordon Rottman offers a truly comprehensive treatment of US World War II gear, covering not only basic belts, pouches and packs, but also mess gear, first aid gear, tools, bivouac/camping gear - essentially everything that a GI had to keep him alive and operational on the battlefield. Illustrated with wartime photos, new photos of kit from private collections and color plates showing both laid-out kit and half-figures of soldiers wearing it, this is set to become the primary equipment information resource for anyone interested in the kit and webbing used by US forces from D-Day to Berlin. 64 pages.

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